TrophyKartRacing.com was started to promote the off road racing motorsport of racing Trophy Karts. While it started as a kids race program, with the new RS series of Trophy Karts adults can join in the competition. The crew of TKR has spent years desert racing in MORE, as a WOBA crew member at the SCORE Baja 1000. We have also raced short course in CORR, M4SX, ROR, Podium Productions, BITD, MMR. While Mac has out grown his TK#297, we are back off road racing in Oregon and the NW.
Since 2006 we have made many friends while running TKR along with racing. Our goal is to continue promoting Trophy Kart Racing so that other families can enjoy the same fun and excitement.
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If you have an off road race event you would like posted on TrophyKartRacing..com, please send us an email. We do not charge for this, we only ask you add TrophyKartRacing.com to your links.

We do not promote, run, officiate, schedule, tech, or have any financial interest in any of the events listed. This web site is for entertainment only. Do not attempt any of the actions features on this web site unless fully qualified.
Please check with each event promoters for specific event information and updates.
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Who owns TrophyKartRacing.com? -we are part of the Blue Coyote Project of Blue Coyote Racing. This is a fan site dedicated to promoting Trophy Kart Racing worldwide. While we do know most of the vendors and event promoters listed, we are not affiliated with any of the events, promoters or vendors listed here.

How did this get started - over a plate off Hooters Wings. Nestor was starting to build Trophy Karts and we developed a race program for kids. And it has grown from there.

Who do I contact if I want an event posted?- send us an email. We do not charge any fees, we only ask for a link in return.

Do you have swag? - not yet.